Welcome to the fantastic world of devolo Magic!

Come with us on a journey into the future – a future that is already reality. devolo is brings a powerful, amazingly stable internet to your home with our new devolo Magic portfolio. Compromise? Not anymore! With its incredible range of up to 500 metres, devolo Magic can deliver the fastest internet to the farthest corners of your house, at an unmatched speed of up to 2400 Mbps.

devolo Magic makes the digital future a present reality.

8K – The magic of Hollywood at your fingertips

Bring the next blockbuster to your living room – in Ultra HD, or even better, with fantastic 8K. devolo Magic gives you what others only dream about – today! Stream the latest films, series, or sporting events in razor-sharp full UHD quality.

Virtual reality – for virtual globetrotters

Immerse yourself in virtual reality and travel wherever you want: To fascinating gaming worlds in outer space or live webcasts of festivals and events – with a front-row seat. devolo Magic puts you right in the middle of the future.

High-speed data transmission – for digital warriors

Dive into riveting gaming adventures with fellow gamers with no lags or crashes – just undisturbed gaming enjoyment with top resolution. By yourself or with friends, online gaming or cloud computing, PC or mobile – whatever you need.

Secure and reliable – for fully connected home office workers

Work wherever you want: devolo Magic brings your work station to wherever you happen to be. In the attic, on the terrace, or on your sofa. This powerful networking innovation gives you a fabulously stable, secure home office, stationary or in the cloud.

Experience the digital future – with devolo Magic

Wonderfully flexible – devolo Magic allows you to create a powerful Internet network to your needs. Would you like to install the Magic network throughout your house or just use it to cover a weak point? It’s your choice! A Starter Kit or a single adapter, WiFi or no WiFi, performance of up to 1200 Mbps or a fabulous 2400 Mbps – you can create your own home network!

Enter a magical new era – devolo Magic is already made for the future. Powerline adapters are based on the sustainable G.hn standard and are compatible with all products certified by the HomeGrid Forum. All devolo Magic adapters can also be combined with each other and can run parallel to other LAN networks. For home networking that makes just about anything possible.

devolo Magic always gives you control of your home network. The user-friendly devolo app allows you to configure it just the way you need. Simply and from your smartphone. A convenient initial use guide helps you with setup. Additional features, such as guest WiFi and time control, allow individualized configuration just the way you want it. Simply magical!

Home Networking

devolo Magic WiFi Powerline Adapter in Kreisen und WLAN Welle

devolo Magic

Magic really is the secret here, as devolo Magic transforms your home in seconds into a futuristic multimedia temple that is ready for the future right now.


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devolo Powerline Adapter dLAN 1000 mini


This adapters turns your power line into a strong and stable Powerline connection delivering up to 1200 Mbps.



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devolo Powerline Adapter Magic 1 WiFi Multiroom Kit in Kreisen und WLAN Welle

Mesh WiFi

With Mesh, you can enjoy seamless and powerful Wi-Fi connections anywhere in the home.



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devolo WiFi Repeater ac Powerline Adapter

devolo Repeater

Extend your WiFi range! More immediate WiFi ac speed in the entire flat, for browsing, streaming and chatting.



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